Working Groups 2019 – 2024

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation touches upon every aspect of our lives: the way we work, think, produce, socialise, research, provide services and so on. The transformation is essential for Europe to maintain its competitiveness and its position in the world. In some domains Europe leads, in many it lags behind.

For many years, the Digital Transformation has been high on the political and policy agenda, and its critical importance has been recognised. However, we are still just at the beginning, and many steps have to be made. It puts further pressure on technology, access to technology, investment, organisational change, skills, regulation, and not in the least awareness, which is unevenly spread among organisations, geographies, sectors and stakeholders.

The purpose of this working group is to find and prioritise key themes or issues from the stakeholder perspective, especially those that are cross cutting and where policy can make the biggest difference. The second step is to formulate recommendations within these priorities to MEP’s and the Commission. These recommendations should be actionable and not merely a wish list.

As the topic of DT is exceptionally broad, we would like to focus on:

  • Digitisation of Manufacturing and processing (incl. AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, Industry 4.0. etc.)
  • Digital Technologies (incl. IoT, 5G, HPC, Big Data, Quantum and Photonics)
  • Skills (Human Capital, lifelong learning, etc)

Chairing MEPs

Susana Solís Pérez, MEP, Member of the K4I Forum in the European Parliament

Brando Benifei, MEP, Member of the K4I Forum in the European Parliament


Working Group Meetings 2019

  • Kickoff meeting launching the new working groups under the Pact4Innovation: 5 December 2019

Working Group Meetings 2020

  •  Digital Transformation Conference Call: 13 January 2020

           Notes from the conference call

Working group calls leading up to the session (s) at the 12th EIS

  •  Digital Transformation Conference Call: 10 September 2020

           Notes from the conference call