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… human well-being and a healthy planet

The Pact for Innovation was signed by the K4I Forum leadership and handed over to Research and Innovation Commissioner Carlos Moedas during the Opening Ceremony of the 7th European Innovation Summit. Commissioners Katainen and Moedas as well as the President of the Committee of the Regions, Markku Markkula, welcomed the Pact initiative during their speeches.

Working groups 2019 – 2024

The working groups are an opportunity for the members of K4I and the other actors of the innovation community to exchange knowledge across the Missions and European Partnerships areas. They will allow to follow the implementation of Horizon Europe on a programme level, in particular the impact it has on delivering the set policy goals, over the coming seven years.

In the light of new Commission priorities, the upcoming Horizon Europe programme and emerging technology ecosystems such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, five new themes of the P4I working groups have been suggested.

A continuous conversation among the actors of European Partnerships will result in many benefits that no individual partnership can achieve on its own.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation touches upon every aspect of our lives: the way we work, think, produce, socialise, research, provide services and so on. The transformation is essential for Europe to maintain its competitiveness and its position in the world. In some domains Europe leads, in many it lags behind.

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Greening the economy

Greening our economy and our lives is a key policy issue for several years, and has a large public and popular interest. It touches many aspects and all industries, and the choices to be made are complex, requires large investment, and is strongly multi disciplinary.

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Implementing Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is to be the largest, most comprehensive and complex R&I programme of its kind globally. It is also highly innovative, exploring new instruments and policies to better address the needs of the stakeholders and citizens, create more (measurable) impact and better communicate at large. It also aims to better coordinate and streamline between different governance levels and stakeholder

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Regulation of emerging technologies

Regulation is not always perceived as the most interesting topic for debate and discussion.

It can be both a key driver and a barrier for innovation: good regulation is essential for its take up and can provide a competitive advantage, whereas lacking or inappropriate regulation can stifle Innovation and put Europe in a disadvantaged position, forcing key players to move to other regions.

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From Knowledge to Innovation and Market Creation

This topic is of key relevance to our society and economy. For many years the so called ‘innovation paradox’ has been high on the agenda, and still today the EU is lagging behind its competitors when it comes to bringing research results to the market and create new markets

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